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Why shopping for clothes sucks

If you've ever tried shopping for clothes in a store or online you know how frustrating it is.

  • Wasted time (After browsing through hundreds of items, the size I need isn't available)
  • Different sizing charts (Is my Large the same as your Large? I'm looking at you, Amazon!)
  • Dealing with salespeople (I just want a shirt, not a relationship)

Watch this short video that shows how we fixed it

We create a new way for guys to find unique, upcycled clothes online with no-hassle:

How we fixed shopping for clothes for guys

We decided to man up and get rid of everything that sucks about shopping for clothes:

  • NO human interaction needed (it's online, no salespeople to deal with).
  • NO need to remember your sizes (we save them for you).
  • NEVER see items that don't fit you (we only show what fits your exact measurements).
  • DON'T need to check the site every again (we email you about items that fit you).
  • NO passwords to remember (you don't have to create an account if you don't want to).

Sounds awesome, right?! So how do you find something that fits? Read on...

How it works

We created a system from scratch with one objective: Make it as drop-dead easy as possible to find cool clothes that fit. Here's how it works:

  1. You select your size from the buttons below (skip the rest and just try it out now).
  2. Measure yourself once. It only takes a couple minutes and it's super easy. And you only have to do it one time (assuming you stay the same size!)
  3. See what fits from our inventory of unique, upcycled clothing. Every item you see is a perfect match to your measurements. We don't show anything that won't fit. If we don't have anything... great! We just saved you a ton of time.
  4. You buy it. We ship it to you. You try it on. It fits.
  5. We email you when we get something new that fits you. You buy it before someone else does.

Try it out now

If that sounds like a great way to buy clothes, click the button below to get started. We'll get your actual measurements next. Then you can see everything that fits!


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